Ocelot Spots
Ocelot Spots
Amy Hall. Ocelot Spots on CIM "Canyon de Chelly" with silvered ivory stringer
Amy Hall. Ocelot Spots on Moretti 008 Transparent Pale Amber, reduced, then encased in Lauscha clear.
Necklace by Lucinda Storms of Belvedere Beads http://lucindastorms.blogspot.com/
Above: off-white cane and silver foil. 
Below: Combined with silver-blue cane and silver foil.

Ocelot Spots

A classic blend of several reduction colors that is so rich with possibilities that I return to it time and again and still feel I've only touched the surface of what it can do. 

When combined with silver foil, the edges can rim in gold to create a beautiful pattern. Also available in size #0 by request.

Bead sets by Amy Hall. Click images for color details.

Nugget necklace by Lucinda Storms of Belvedere Beads.

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