Hyacinth Violet
Hyacinth Violet
Amy Hall. Hyacinth Violet on Moretti Very Pale Aquamarine 038.
Amy Hall. Hyacinth Violet on Moretti Pale Purple 046.
Amy Hall. Hyacinth Violet with Silver on Moretti Pale Purple 046 encased.

Hyacinth Violet

This very rich violet leans slightly toward blue-violet. It can be pushed toward blue or purple depending on the base color it is paired with, as shown here. This one is concentrated so start out using just a little and add as you like. Too much will become too dark.

As with all purple tones, it can be nice with silver but where they come in contact, green rimming occurs. Test first to be sure this is what you want.

Bead sets by Amy Hall. Click images for color details. For more examples, see Amy's blog.

Collections: Frit, Solid, Transparent

Tags: Intense, Purple, Solid

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